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Gary FUCKING Holt!


Zeon by Jittsu

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Me at Guitar Center

Me: Hey, what selection of ENGL amps do you have?
Clerk: Well, we basically have two types of ENGLs, the best ones, and the great ones.
Me: Ok, cool, what's the cheapest decent one you guys have?
Clerk: The $5,000 one.
Me: Fuck....


this was wild from start to finish

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spandexer asked: R u a weaboo


Please, I’m the queen of weaboos

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Tokyo Tower by 直髮盧女士與捲毛壞脾氣小姐 on Flickr.

To my future wife…


When I die I want you to mix my ashes in a bowl of chili, then eat it. Just so I can tear that ass up one more time.

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"i got 25 lightas on my dressaaa. yesssaaa"

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